Thursday, September 29, 2011

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Friday, September 23, 2011

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

RSS And Multi-Media Content Delivery

RSS, or Really Simple Syndication as it is generally known, refers to a family of file formats that is used for web syndication. It is normally used to automatically deliver newly posted content from websites – including forums, blogs and news sites, among others - to its readers. However, RSS is also useful for other things aside from delivering written content thanks to "enclosures" or media attachments. Wherein in its most basic use, people who are subscribed to RSS feeds gets updates from their favorite websites, media enclosures to RSS feeds is like attachments in emails sent between people. Files are "enclosed" in RSS items and then automatically delivered to the RSS subscribers. These attachments could be an image, an audio file, a video, and even an application or program.

Examples of RSS feeds with enclosures are podcasts (spoken content), Vlogs (video), MP3 Blogs (music files), and appcasts (programs).

Podcasting is perhaps one of the most famous of the mentioned uses of RSS for content delivery. It is the method of distributing audio content by attaching audio files of spoken content to the RSS feed. Podcast's popularity is helped in part by the very device on which the term was based – the iPod. Podcast is a combination of iPod and Broadcast. In its early stages, podcasts allowed users of handheld audio players such as the iPod to automatically download spoken content from independent internet-radio talk show publishers to their computers, and then listen to them on their iPods at a later time. The capability to "postpone" listening to your favorite radio talk shows proved to be a very attractive feature and soon became a huge success.

This new-found way of content delivery quickly evolved paving the way for additional multi-media file formats to be used as media enclosures. Image enclosures to RSS feeds opened a window of possibilities for sharing photos over the internet. Photo-sharing sites, such as Flickr, featured RSS feeds for people's photos. Flickr's RSS feed enabled people to subscribe to other peoples' photo albums so that their favorite photographer's latest shots or friend's latest vacation pictures are automatically delivered to you as they are posted. Avid fans of online web comics also benefit from image enclosures to RSS. A reader can subscribe to a web comic's RSS feed and daily updates are automatically delivered to the readers' RSS syndicator of choice.

Video enclosures to RSS, on the other hand, gave rise to an evolution of a type of blog called the video blog, which is sometimes referred to as Vlogs. Video blogs uses videos as its primary content and is usually accompanied by a supporting text, image, or additional data to provide context to the content. Vblogs are slowly rising in popularity in thanks again to the introduction of this time, video-capable iPod.

Appcasting is a type of RSS feed wherein there are attached executable programs to regularly deliver new versions of software programs. Appcasting, though not as mainstream as podcasting and video blogs, is important and very significant, especially for those in the IT industry. 

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Trick baru mendapatkan ribuan token ninja saga

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Friday, September 16, 2011

Seo - Get Your Website On The First Page In One Week

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is something of a black art, many people know about it but many people don't know exactly how to do it.

Performing SEO quickly and doing it well enough so that a site appears on the first page of the search results are very important when it comes to a sites success.

The most important aspect and the easiest way of getting a site up the rankings very quickly is by having keywords in the URL.

Should you register a new domain, try and get one with the keywords included.

I noticed a great SEO domain was up for grabs, so I registered it, built the site and within 4 days it was on the first page in position 6 in Google.

The Second most important aspect in quick SEO is keeping your keywords in your sub pages. If you had a site that sold wheelchairs you should have the word "Wheelchairs" in the name of your sub pages.

This will help your site rank a lot faster.

The Third most important aspect is having your home page content displaying your keyword phrases. I would suggest having your keyword phrases repeated on your home page at least ten times thoughout your copy.

The next important aspect is building links with your keywords in the anchor text. Have about three variations here. I once had a client and actually did not do ANY changes to his site. All I did was build hundreds of links from articles with his keywords in his anchor text. Within a matter of weeks he was on the first page of Google for a number of keywords.

Lastly, the age of your domain counts for a lot. If you have an aged domain that is over 2 years old you stand a chance of getting onto the first page of the search results within a week if you work hard at it and build links with your keywords in the anchor text. 

Saturday, September 10, 2011

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Friday, September 9, 2011

The Next Generation Of Link Exchange And Search Engines Optimization Strategies

Once your new web site is up and it is open to the public, it is vital to begin formulating a promotion tactic. The apparent objective is to catch the attention of as many visitors as you be able to. One of the finest ways to do this is by using a "Linking Campaign".

A lot of non-reciprocal inbound links tells a search engine that your site contains valuable information, so you need to get those, but how do you do that?

Let's say you have one more additional site with some pages already indexed in the search engines. Instead of promoting the new site that you want to rank high by placing a text link to it on all of the pages on the other site (which may be looks at as spam by many SEO experts), using a non-reciprocal link exchange network like, you can get hundreds of text links to your desired promoted URL with the anchor text of your choice from quality sites spread all over the Internet, which is something good for your link promotion efforts.

LinksDealing is an automatic system that enables you to promote sites by almost instantly receiving many text links pointing to your promoted URLs. The text links are placed on quality sites, most of which are related to the same theme group as your promoted site, and these text links to your promoted site stay on those sites for a lengthy time.

How does it work? When you signup as a member of the LinksDealing network, you contribute areas of text link placement on your other site's pages; these sites are named Donor Sites. You also specify another list of URLs that you wish to promote using the LinksDealing network; these URLs are named as Promoted URLs. The Promoted URLs in turn get text links from other members' donor sites' pages.

The more donor sites you contribute to the Links Dealing network, the more text links from other members' donor sites' pages you get to your promoted URLs, thereby increasing the number of visitors to your promoted URLs and their search engines results pages placements for your desired keyword.

Promoting your site and getting new incoming links to it should not be hard work, Visit to find out how to instantaneously receive many non reciprocal links to your website without the hassle of engaging in link exchange activity all day long. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Crafting and Runecrafting in Runescape

Runecrafting allows you to make your own runes, a useful skill considering that spells use quite a lot of them. The first necessary step to take is to mine Rune Essence from the Essence Mine. The Abyss comes highly recommended by a number of players. However, getting to these mines is no easy task. Finding the mine can be quite challenging and very few sources can teleport you to it. Those who can include the Wizard Distentor of the Yanille Magic Guild, the Wizard Cromperty, found Northeast of the Ardougne Market, and Brimstail Gnome, found in a cave in the southwest corner of the Tree Gnome Stronghold.

Mining is a practical way for newcomers to fund later adventures. After a few days of mining, you can sell your bulk essence. Since the price you get for it greatly depends upon the quantity, you should have at least 1,000 essence. There are two types of essence, normal essence and pure essence. You can mine pure essence if you are a member with at least level 30. Pure essence can then be used to craft any rune while normal essence can only be used to craft fire, earth, air, water, mind and body runes.

With the right know-how, runecrafting can be an excellent way to make fast money. While finding lucrative and convenient altars can be challenging, a mid to high level player can benefit from heading out into the wild, as the best altars are found far from the banks. In order to runecraft, the player must have reached at least level 35. Up until that point, one can make air runes with 4,482 rune essence. From level 35 up to level 44, you can make chaos runes with 3,911 rune essence. Once above level 44, you can make nature runes and sell them for anywhere between 300 and 500 gp a piece. These runes yield the highest profit.

When runecrafting, it is advisable to wear boots of lightness and wear minimal armor and weaponry. Only a pickaxe is needed. It is recommended to have pouches with you to allow you to carry more essence. Remember to use your pouches if you have them. They will save you time and money.

To make nature runes quickly, you must:

Convert all rune essence into bank notes.
Take 4 times the amount of gp as you have essence.
Take notes to the shop near the village.
Sell your notes to the shop and buy them back in real form.
Go to the Altar to craft nature runes.
Return to the shop and repeat as many times as you wish.
There a lot of ways to runecraft. These are just a few pointers to get you started. The true secret lies in experience and practice. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Top 25 SEO Myths You Should Know Before Optimising Website

You might think you already know everything about search engine optimisation process. Well, think again. Some of the things you know may just be myths. There are several SEO myths that webmasters and search engine optimisers still fail to recognise. What are the SEO myths? Here are the top 25:

1. Search engine optimisation can be performed just by anyone.
2. SEO is only for those websites who sell products online.
3. SEO companies can give their clients a guaranteed top ranking position.
4. SEO gives an overnight result. You can optimise a website today and expect it rank high tomorrow.
5. Build more links irregardless of the quality.
6. It is fine to copy content from other websites and paste it on your own website.
7. There is no need for you to write unique content for your website since you can just syndicate articles from directories.
8. There is no need for further work after you have optimised your website.
9. Search engine ranking is all that matters.
10. The more links the better, quantity matters and not quality.
11. There is no need for a website to be submitted to web directories.
12. A website doesn't need updated content.
13. The search engines won't know if you use black hat SEO techniques.

14. Do it yourself SEO is better than hiring SEO professionals – can be true if you are an expert yourself.
15. Web design doesn't need to be optimised.
16. The navigability of the website has no effect on its search engine ranking.
17. The search engines must be prioritised than the target market.
18. There is no need for testing, once a website is already optimised let it stay that way.
19. Site visitors already know how to browse a website so don't worry about usability.
20. Flash is the best way to present your message.
21. You can write anything that you want in your website content.
22. There is no need for you to add keywords on the website content.
23. Adding more large-file images on the website makes the site more appealing.
24. It doesn't matter if the website is slow to load, after all, there are now more broadband users than dial ups.
25. Why still optimise a website when it can still be indexed by the search engines no matter what?

These are the top 25 search engine optimisation myths that both webmasters and search engine optimiser must be aware of. Some of them seem to be like a fact rather than a myth, so be very careful. 

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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Tips For Pay Per Click [PPC] Marketing

The two most successful techniques for enhancing your online image are: search engine optimization, and pay per click advertising campaigns.

Basically it's all about helping customers find your website and business. A pay per click advertising campaign is easy to start. You open an account and deposit some money as a starting balance with the search engine company that you are advertising with. You enter your site's URL, title and description and bid on relevant keywords. A site selling wine might bid on keywords such as "wine", "red wine", "wine club" etc.

When someone searches for "wine club" the details of your site appear, in the form of a search result with the URL, title and description you entered. If they then click on your listing, your account is debited the amount you have bid on that keyword.

Pay per click offers a high level of assurance that your campaign is reaching the proper target. What makes them so effective is that someone who has searched for your product is already qualified when they come to your site, which is selling the product or service they are looking for. Pay per click campaigns, however, are not perfect. Without constant monitoring, you sometimes risk incurring advertising costs that can spiral out of control, focusing on terms that don't convert well for your product or services or lose out during a bidding war.

It is important that your keywords are relevant and link to the page that contains information relating to that keyword. Bidding on keywords can be expensive. An alternative strategy is to bid on related keyword phrases which no-one else is bidding on. You may then be #1 in the rankings, monopolizing the traffic for those searches and only have to pay the minimum amount per click through. Related keywords and phrases can include synonyms, incorrect spellings, alternative words and phrases, closely related words/phrases, and so on.

Then, perhaps most importantly of all, you need a 'landing page': (a) specific page(s) created for visitors referred from marketing campaigns to maximize conversion. Landing pages can be a series of related pages within an existing site structure or they can be a microsite, which is specifically setup for a campaign, typically with its own campaign URL - an example is Norwich Union's (faintly annoying?)

There are different types of landing pages that work best depending on the campaign objectives – a landing page integrated into the sites structure or a landing page specifically created for the campaign.

Integrated pages may not work so well in terms of conversion. Bespoke landing pages tend to produce higher conversion rates but it requires more effort and maintenance. So you need to work out whether the cost of producing this type of page is offset by the potentially higher conversion rates and better campaign results.

Some simple guidelines for effective PPC are keep ads and landing pages relevant; provide enough detail for a decision; capture the audience's imagination and their data as quickly as possible; forget the guru's page length, graphics and menu options type arguments and FIND OUT WHAT WORKS, as in all direct marketing test, test, test. 

Getting Links To Your Site Free and Easy

Getting Links To Your Site Free and Easy
by Andre Best

If you're the least bit serious about promoting your website(s) online then you have probably heard the recent cry that one's website needs links coming into it. Lot's of links. And without these many, many links one is the proverbial billboard in the desert waiting to be seen by those thirsty for sustenance.

Well after these several years that I've been on the internet I too heard the call and have followed the many internet bandwagons that have rolled into e-town touting the next 'latest and greatest' snakeoil software to get one traffic that they won't believe.

You know the cry... 'The traffic explosion your favorite web guru gets - and it'll only cost you $795 to attend this three-day conference to learn how to play with the big boys (and girls) online.'

Sound familiar? To most owning one or several websites it will.

But after being dragged around the reciprocal linking millstone over the last several months in a valiant attempt to obtain many reciprocal link exchanges and closely monitoring all completed link requests I can truthfully say that that job in itself is a bugger to track and stay on top of.


Because for the most part one has to rely on one common denominator in that equation... people.

I finally realized that this tactic of getting traffic 'for free' and having it prove itself as viable was indeed true. Link-exchanges do work. But they ARE work too.

But with me being the type of person who writes with my eyes closed (literally), I was told by a couple of e-friends that I should pursue 'articles' more vehemently. I didn't know what they meant so what I did was find out about a couple of the bigger article directories on the Net and I submitted a couple of my writings to them. And then I promptly forgot about this process because it was extremely labor intensive.

And with me being a relatively lazy fellow at times I 'moved on' to other tasks that seemed more to my liking. And ease of use.

But after getting relatively burned out with this link-exchange stuff and dogging real live people to honor link exchange requests after I had 'nicely' place an unexpected link to their site on my site, I was tired of this whole process.

Yes, I know there are automated processes and software out there that will do this linking stuff for one, but again, I've also read how the SE's are 'onto' these tactics and reciprocal links aren't as effective as they used to be.

But they are still effective, that's why I still honor the odd link exchange request I get. I just don't spend all my time doing this anymore.

But getting back on track to the actual subject of this article...

Back a couple of months ago, I somehow received an email about a new software program that would do 'article submissions' almost automatically.

But let me first digress somewhat and tell you what 'article submitting' is.

Article submitting may sound kind of formal and only for 'writers', but it isn't.

Essentially, anytime one writes something of extended length, even a longer webpage, they've written an 'article'.

Think about it. If you have a website that you've personally written, then you have written articles related to the subject of your website.

So, if your website is all about the best way to burp babies, then you have a whole bunch of 'articles' that you've written about parenting, specifically, burping babies.

What you can then do is submit these articles throughout the WWW and get yourself known as a baby burping expert.

But even more importantly, you can take each of the webpages you've written on your website and turn it into an 'article' - add a link BACK to your site in the footer of the article - and voila! you have written an article and ALSO obtained a link back to your site whenever someone else uses that article

And all this without having to hassle with e-chasing that non-compliant link partner to honor their link exchange with you.

Sound cool? It is.

Now, like everything else, there is a downside to all this article writing.

It takes time to do.

First you have to have written YOUR OWN articles/webpages. And then you have to personally submit them to any of several hundred article directories floating around in cyberspace.

And of course there is the whole idea of you having the motivation to do this submission stuff too, so let me share a little bit of motivating statistics with you.

Remember how I mentioned earlier about having piddled with submitting a couple of stories/webpages I had written to several of the major article directories? Well, that was about 14 months ago. And remember how I told you that I did this and then promptly forgot about all this article submission stuff?

Well, over those 14 months since I did this, which by the way only took about one hour to do, I now have about 300 STATIC, incoming links to my site from those two articles being posted around the Internet. Yes, 300 incoming, NOT reciprocal, links.

And so what I did was after I received that email from someone touting this article submission software was to do some research on this whole article submission automation software process.

What I came out of this research with was that as of now there are two main article submission software programs that allow one to automate most of the process of doing this sometimes laborious task.

And since it is so repetitive and sometimes painstaking to do manual article submissions I thought that this would be one way to get me back into this process that I think is well suited for the way I like to promote my business online. With words, that is.

After much mental deliberation, and financial detailing, I opted to go for an article submission software that was released during the summer of 2005. Besides it being almost one-third the price of the other main player in this article submittal software e-competition going on, it also appeared to have a lot going for it with a money-back guarantee and a manual and good developer-support.

So I bought it several weeks ago and have been using it everyday to promote several of my websites by submitting 'articles' I've written to the several hundred article directories included in the automatic submissions this software does for the user.

And to say the least, the results, so far, are extremely impressive.

One little statistic. Remember those two articles I submitted 14 months ago and obtained over 300 incoming links from doing so? Well, I've used this software to continue submitting them to other article directories included in the software program.

And now that 300 incoming links number now numbers almost 700. Yes, 700 incoming links from just those two articles. An increase of approximately 400 incoming links, in just five weeks.

To me, those are some GOOD results. Especially without having to chase other humans to reciprocal link with me, building link webpages, tracking linking emails, checking links, buying tracking software, and all that stuff that goes along with the reciprocal linking process.

So, if you're tired of buying links and chasing other website owners for reciprocal link exchanges, do consider using content you've written as a way to get links, and eventually traffic, into your site.

best thanks :

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Online Games: You Think, You Decide

You may have heard of several negative opinions about online games as well as console games. Whether you play games on your computer or in any kind of console, both are sure to be addictive. You probably have heard of kids spending too much time in front of the computer at the expense of school and family responsibilities. You cannot deny the fact that whenever you start playing, you can't get off your seat or take your eyes away from the monitor. You might even forget that your phone is ringing or someone outside is waiting for you to be done. But hey, playing online games is not all that bad.

Contrary to what most people perceive, games played either in Xbox or Play Station have some advantages to entertain kids and adults. Online games in general are fun. They have become one of the most convenient forms of entertainment today. When you purchase console for instance, you can buy it for as low as $200 with a few bundles of free games. These can easily be operated and played in your homes. These gaming consoles even make it possible to connect through the Internet so you can enjoy multiplayer games.

Internet or console games may either be an arcade type or a multiplayer. Among popular games are Prince of Persia, Command and Conquer, Warcraft II and many others. These games are believed to develop and improve players' reasoning and thinking skills. Prince of Persia, for instance, is one classic example of an intellectual online game. Unlike other multiplayer games, Prince of Persia has a whole different approach in giving quality entertainment to its players. It presents interspersing intelligent puzzles, traps and paths, which the main character, the Prince of Persia, has to undertake to complete the mission.

Aside from being convenient, online games can also be a more economical way of entertaining yourself. There are a lot of sites that offer free download games including shooting games, war and arcade games. But whichever you prefer, games like Prince of Persia, can surely give you a mind-tickling entertainment.

Online games are still better alternatives to entertain youngsters and adults. This form of entertainment makes them think critically and logically. You need not splurge hundreds of dollars hanging out in bars or malls just to spend your idle time. You can do it in the comfort of your homes with your family through online gaming. You can even have quality time with your kids and loved ones by playing with them. If you want new and exciting games, you can easily have them by uploading free download games from various online gaming sites. You may choose arcades like the Prince of Persia, shooting games, multiplayer games like Warcraft, billiards, sports and many others. Playing these games has its benefits when it comes to improving your motor skills and can strengthen your family's bond. Just don't overdose yourself with playing and lose track of your other responsibilities. 

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