Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Usining Pay per click advertising

Pay Per Click is one that has been taking off by way of storm lately; many people are getting their sites flooded by potential buyers. This is the best way to generate the viewers that you seek for your business. If you can spare some time, and are willing to manage your campaign, this method could be an extremely valuable tool to generate the needed traffic to your site. This of course will require you to do some homework.

The name of the game here is keyword targeting; it is very possible for up to 90% of all generated traffic to your site can be a direct result of pay per click methods employed. In theory this is great, but it must keep in mind that bidding still must remain low on cost. The general assumption is that there is only one method of obtaining a pay per click campaign that can be successful this is not the case. It is true that Google Adwords, and Overture are great tools for this campaign, but they are not the only ones. When you use one of these web giants, you can guarantee that you will be seen on the search engine within a good page rank if of course you are willing to pay the price for that spot.

This is where the bidding comes into play; you will need to bid on the keywords that will place you on the top of the list. This can indeed be a rather trying event, as you can be sure that you are not alone in the bidding. It is not unheard of for a larger corporation to bid as much as 100 dollars for a particular keyword to ensure they get high page ranking. After all it is the word that people are using most to search for their information, this will in turn raise the bidding. Often once you have landed that bid, the cost of maintaining it can be steep as well. Sometimes it can run up to 5.00 per click coming out of your pocket. If you are getting many clicks per day however no sales on your site, you will run into a problem as it will cost you money.

You will need to find a keyword that is directly related to your site, and what you have to offer. Tire kickers need not apply in this scenario; you do not want to pay for window shoppers. By calculating the value of a single customer, you can get a pretty good idea on what you can spend on any particular bid. This too will keep you from over spending and falling into financial trouble.

Another greate way to advertise your site is with search engine optimization.

This can easily be optimized with sofware.

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