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Empires & Allies Cheats:Coins,Energy,Minerals

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Probably one of the most sought after Empires & Allies Cheats is how to make tons of coins on the game. Coins are important because it is used to purchase almost everything in the game and the most important thing that you could buy with it is your army, the backbone of your empire.

How to earn ton of coins

1.In order for this Empires and Allies Cheats to work, you need to have A LOT OF FRIENDS. If you don’t know how to get a lot of friends, visit Empires and Allies pages on facebook and ask for people to become your friends. It’s very easy and you’ll have tons of them in no time.
2.Once you have lots of friends in the game, send them a specific gift daily. What gift? The Arch
Empires & Allies
3.If you have good friends, there’s a huge chance that after you sent them this gift, they will give you one in return. The more friends you have, the more chances of you getting something in return. You can also ask them for this.
4.After receiving lost of Archs, visit your inventory to see how many Archs you got. Take them out of your inventory and place them on your empire.
Empires & Allies
5.Sell each of the Arch that you got. Each Arch can be sold for 500 coins. If you receive 20 Archs from your friends daily, you will have 10,000 coins daily. For 50 Archs, you’ll get 25,000 coins daily.
Empires & Allies

How to get more Energy

1.Visit friends
2.Ask Friends for energy
3.Buy Energy using Empire Points
Empires & Allies

Empires and Allies Energy restores 1 point every 5 minutes. So if you have visited all your friends, asked them for energies and if you don’t want to buy some, take a rest from the game and come back after an hour or two and have a full energy to continue your game.

How to get minerals

1. You can buy from your neighbors. That’s right. That is why each empire has a Market. You sell the minerals that you can produce and you buy the other minerals that you need from your neighbors.
2. Do a lot of battles. You can randomly get minerals during battles when you hit an enemy with Critical hits or Kills.
3. You can ask from your friends to send you the minerals that you need.
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